Trump’s Poland Speech Interrupted 6 Times, But Donald Loved What He Heard

Although Donald Trump faces unprecedented criticism here at home from his political enemies, there is no question that people overseas love and respect him as much as his American supporters do.

This is because Donald Trump has brought a sense of power back to the American presidency. Citizens of other countries used to be unsure of America’s leadership under Barack Obama, who promised to “lead from behind.”

In many situations, this meant doing nothing. As a result, foreign citizens were skeptical of the United States.

President Trump, however, wants to Make America Great Again, and in doing so, make the world great again.

This new dynamic was clearer than it has ever been during President Trump’s speech in Poland yesterday.

From Independent Journal Review:

President Donald Trump was apparently interrupted six times during his speech in Poland with chants of, “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!”

 In one of the instances, the crowd in Poland chanted for the American president after he delivered this strong line:

“The West will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail.”

Whereas the Left wants people to think that Trump’s America First policies scare and alienate the world, the reality could not be clearer: the citizens of the world want the West to be strong, and they think that Trump will be the one to make that happen.

The citizens of the world do not want to be led from behind. They want to be led by a strong, respectable United States of America, with a president who is willing to stand strong against the forces of evil.

Of all places in the world, Europe has been particularly ravaged by Islamic barbarism. Open borders policies from left-wing governments have made Europe the front lines in the battle between the West and Islamism. The people of Europe are starting to realize this – we know that because of Brexit and the rise of nationalism – and they are beginning to wake up.

If only the American media could be as perceptive as the people of Poland in this regard. Hopefully, the amount of support that President Trump receives from the rest of the world will inspire more people here to do the same.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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