Trump’s White House Remodel Has One New Feature That Enrages Obama

The changes that came to the Presidency when Trump took office were more than just policy-based.

We know about how different Trump’s staff and intentions are, compared to previous administrations. But they go beyond making America great again.

It seems that even the look of the White House has improved. The keen eye and decorative touch of Donald Trump has given the old presidential home a much-needed improvement. And people are noticing.

From Conservative Tribune:

As part of his plan to “Make America Great Again,” earlier this year President Donald Trump set out to modify the White House to match his expectations…

“Chilled air is now circulating through the West Wing via a new HVAC system,” reported CBS News. “New wallpaper — chosen by the president himself — is up in the Oval Office. Visitors to the White House can now see the Rose Garden better at night. And top Trump aides are working out of offices with fresh carpeting and a new coat of paint…”

The interior decoration of the White House is a topic that interests all Americans, since it can reflect the present occupant’s worldview as much as his taste in furniture. When Barack Obama won the presidency, for instance, one of his first acts was to remove a bust of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office…

But with the new renovations, the president has done more than just pick out some wallpaper. He’s also lined the West Wing with golden eagles that symbolize his patriotic side, according to Business Insider…

“(Mr. Trump) wanted to bring back the luster and the glory of the White House,” an unnamed White House official told CBS News.

That’s the last thing Obama wants to hear.

Many Americans see the White House, especially the Oval Office, as a symbol of our country and government. It is the seat of power of the presidency, after all, and where many important decisions are made.

I’m sure most new presidents change the overall look of the place. But Trump has his own flare for details. Ones that scream class, quality, and excellence.

The new touches and changes speak of strength, stability, and determined leadership. They reflect the man’s own will to accomplish what he sets out to do. Much like in his private career, President Trump is going to meet all his goals, and fulfill his promises.

That’s reflected in every new curtain and every new statue.

Be sure to make plans to take a tour—it’ll be worth it.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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