FOX Host Utterly Embarrasses College Kid Who Wants To Ban US Flag – This Is Too Painful To Watch!

In this age of butthurt, snowflake college students protesting the election of Donald Trump, as if he were the next incarnation of Sauron from “Lord of the Rings,” by running to their safe spaces to cry and make the world go away, we also now have to deal with the REALLY big issues at hand.

Like, how mean and scary the world is and if the gays and lesbians will be allowed to dictate to the rest of us which words will be banned from public usage, or if we can get rid of that horrible red, white and blue symbol of oppression that the cops and the military salute.

Well, so much for the Constitution, our God given rights and the men who gave their lives to protect them, and us, from despotic tyrants, usually well meaning but selfish career politicians promoting Socialism,  who would enslave the entire world if they aren’t stopped.

The example shown in the proceeding video explains:

“Think about the groups that use the flag, from police officers to the US Army, these are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.”.

“If the police and the Army would go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive. You find America unfair: What’s a fairer country [to be tried for] a felony.”

This is an example of the next generation of college snowflakes that will be taking government jobs, teaching our kids and, most likely, completely crumbling under pressure the next time a crisis pops up!

For gosh sakes, don’t be that guy!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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