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BOOM! Two New Polls Have Trump Cheering…and Cruz Crying [End Game]
By PJ Editor|April 22, 2016

FOX News has two new polls out this evening that have got to put a smile on Donald Trump’s face.

Of all of the remaining contests, the two most important are arguably Indiana and California.

New numbers from these pivotal state bode well for The Donald, as FOX reports…

Trump is ahead of Cruz by an eight-point margin among Indiana likely Republican primary voters:  41-33 percent.  That’s at the edge of the poll’s plus or minus four point margin of sampling error.  John Kasich comes in third with 16 percent.

Indiana come rights after Tuesday’s five northeast states where Trump is expected to sweep. It was supposed to be Cruz’s firewall.

As far as California, it gets even worse for Cruz…

Trump captures 49 percent of likely Republican primary voters.  That’s more than the combined support for his two remaining competitors:  Ted Cruz receives 22 percent and John Kasich 20 percent.

The mogul leads his rivals by a wide margin among every demographic group, including those he sometimes has trouble capturing:  women, young voters, college graduates, and very conservatives.

If these numbers hold, it is all but over for Cruz and Kasich.

Source FOX News and FOX News

PJ Editor
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