After Despicable U.N. Resolution, Netanyahu Lights A Blazing Fire…They’re Humiliated!

While miles of Americans celebrate Christmas this time of year, our Jewish neighbors and friends observe the holy time of Chanukah. These special eight days reaffirm their faith in God, that while the world outside seems dark, He is their light and support.

For the Jewish people in Israel, things look very dark right now. With the United Nations passing a reprehensible resolution that condemns Israeli settlements, it seems major countries in the world are allying themselves against Israel’s right to exist.

Even the United States, under Barack Obama, refuses to offer it’s support and defense of the longtime ally.

But the Israeli people refuse to give up or back down, as exhibited by their prime minister himself.

From Breitbart:

A defiant Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu observed the second night of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah on Sunday evening by lighting the candles at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest existing site.

The Western Wall is now officially an illegal “settlement,” according to an anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution passed last Friday with the acquiescence of the Obama administration, which abstained instead of exercising its traditional veto…

The resolution, UN Security Council Resolution 2334, rejects 50 years of precedent, in that it considers all the territory conquered by Israel in a defensive war in 1967 to be not only occupied, but illegal. UN Security Council Resolution 242 deliberately left open the possibility that Israel would retain some territory and the final borders would be negotiated.

This is simply an attempt by the UN to destroy the nation of Israel. They want to use what power the possess to brand the nation as criminal. The resolution can pave the way for sanctions, embargos, and other penalties against Israel until they are willing to give up their rightful land.

Traditionally the United States would defend the nation and prevent such insulting actions from being made. But under Obama’s leadership, our support of the nation has lingered. Some even consider Obama to view Israel as an enemy.

Israel will endure, regardless of Obama’s support. The silver lining is in a few weeks, we will have a President that supports our allies again, instead of neglecting them.

Source: Breitbart

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