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UH-OH! Unearthed Huma Email Just BLEW UP Hillary – PROVES That She…
By Cheryl Chumley|October 31, 2016

Once again, WikiLeaks has caught Hillary Clinton in a boldface lie.

What happened this time?

True – it is getting hard to keep up and keep track. So here’s the rundown, hat tip to Conservative Tribune: Remember when Clinton was doubling down on the claims that her private, home-based email server had never been hacked, and that it was all A-OK safe and secure?

“In fact,” the blog noted, “she more or less swore on a stack of Bibles (or at the very least, copies of “It Takes A Village”) that no actors, foreign or otherwise, had attacked or breached the security of her ersatz private server. Even when one hacker said he had gotten into it and that others had too, Clinton and her people vigorously insisted that was false.”

Well, hate to burst the bubble, but – and this is the deja vu part – Clinton lied.

And we can say that with certainty, minus the allegedly, because WikiLeaks outed the falsehood.

Conservative Tribune wrote: “Much like everything else involved in the Clinton campaign and its handling of Clinton’s email, that was a baldfaced lie. And now we know that for a fact, thanks to WikiLeaks.”

The damaging message publicized by WikiLeaks opens with a remark from Clinton aide Huma Abedin about her non-working BlackBerry, and a response from Justin Cooper, the tech who set up Clinton’s private email server in her home – that said this, bluntly: “We were attacked again.”

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize the attackers had to be hackers. And the use of the word “again” would seem to suggest that this particular hack attack wasn’t the first.

But as Conservative Tribune reported: Lying seems par for the course with Clinton.

“It’s not that we’ve been lied to yet again. If I got angry every time Hillary Clinton lied to us, my blood pressure could run a hydroelectric power plant. It’s that she lied so cravenly about an issue that affects our national security,” the blog wrote.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Cheryl Chumley
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