Obama’s United Nations Suffers Deadly Blow From Trump—Democrats, Racists Enraged

For years Americans have been baffled over the United Nations. An organization supposedly dedicated to the preservation of peace and prosperity of the world has frequently betrayed many nations.

It looks like President Trump, though, is teaching this organization that it better shape up or else, by taking this major move.

Groups within the U.N. have a very poor track record. They often welcome rogue nations into their ranks. Countries that sponsor terrorism or persecute their own people are on human rights boards or boards aimed at equality. It’s a joke and one that nobody is laughing at.

One of the worst groups is the U.N.’s cultural organization, UNESCO. Instead of preserving the culture and dignity of nations, they insult and attack them. Like many other parts of the U.N., it has been infiltrated by anti-Semitic leaders, who use their power to attack Israel.

Now Trump is saying no more.

From The Right Scoop:

This is great news! The United States has just pulled out of the UN’s cultural organization UNESCO, citing anti-Israel bias.

Here’s the press release:

If you’ll remember, earlier this year UNESCO decided that the tomb where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah are buried was in fact not Jewish and chose and make it a Palestinian site:

They also did the same for the Western Wall.

This same UN organization also granted full membership to the Palestinians, despite their official lack of statehood. The US, required by law, then suspended all funding for UNESCO.

The anti-Israeli bias is rampant throughout the United Nations. You’d think the sole democratic state in the Middle East would be celebrated by the organization. Instead, people within the U.N. use every opportunity to attack, vilify, and denigrate the country.

It’s almost as if UNESCO is trying to insult Israelis by claiming the tomb of their forefathers is Palestinian. Or that the famous wall where Jews from around the world gather to pray is Muslim territory.

After President Trump announced we would be leaving this sham of group, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced Israel would do the same.

It looks like the U.N. is losing support across many of their groups. Perhaps they’ll wise up and start respecting the nations of the world. If not… the United States might leave it completely.

Source: The Right Scoop

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