American Swimmers Make STUNNING Revelation…Media ATTACKS – PATHETIC!

It’s no surprise that the media has adopted a hijab-wearing Olympic fencer as their unofficial “mascot” of the games.

That the woman has repeatedly denounced America — the nation she’s competing for — just adds to their admiration.

But there are other athletes competing for Team USA that actually deserve our admiration.

Conservative Tribune has the story of two of them…

David Boudia and Steele Johnson won silver medals in the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform, which was Boudia’s third all-time Olympic medal and Johnson’s first. Boudia won a gold and bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics.

They credited their Christian faith for getting them where they were.

Boudin said he’d experienced an enormous amount of pressure during the Olympics, describing it as an “identity crisis.” When his mind is on diving, he said it “goes crazy.”

“But we both know that our identity is in Christ, and we’re thankful for this opportunity to be able to dive in front of Brazil and in front of the United States,” he explained. “It’s been an absolutely thrilling moment for us.”

In an age when athletes depend on corporate sponsorship to train and compete, it is particularly brave of these two divers to express their faith openly. From the Little Sisters of the Poor to ChickFilA, Christians in the public square know all too well that they can pay a price for their religious beliefs.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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