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SHOCK: One U.S. State Just Voted On Sharia Law…No One Expected THIS!
By Faith Braverman|March 24, 2017

Mass Muslim migration has been fundamentally changing Europe since the EU began to allow it.

In France, women are afraid to go out as Muslim men have taken over public spaces. In Sweden, women have seen their country become the rape capital of Europe.

Sharia law allows for this abominable treatment of women to be not only commonplace but celebrated.

But in America, our Constitution prevents harmful ideologies like this from eroding our values of freedom and equality.

One state has decided to fight back against those that don’t hold respect for our laws.

From The Political Insider:

A bill designed to block “the application of foreign law” in state courts – including Sharia Law – advanced in the Montana House of Representatives earlier this week.

The vote for Senate Bill 97 was mostly along party lines, passing 56-44.

The real shock here is that this a party-line vote, not unanimous as it should be. Democrats in Montana seem to take defending Muslims more seriously than our Constitution.

Maybe they need to take a moment to consider whether Sharia Law should have any place in America:

Just last year, a group of Muslim men worked with Democrats to demand Sharia law be accepted in Texas!

Thankfully the mayor was a Republican, otherwise the men may have gotten their wish. When the Muslim community in Irving arrogantly told Mayor Beth Van Duyne that they didn’t care about her bill and weren’t going to obey it, she fired back,“I don’t care either, and you aren’t going to practice your ‘law’ in my state.”

Why is it that both Democrats and Muslims seem to hate our nation’s founding document? This is hardly the first battle in which they’ve united to try to usurp our nation’s laws, and it likely won’t be the last.

Republicans must stay vigilant and continue to fight this growing threat to all of the things our country stands for. If they stand aside, we are on precipice of a nightmare in America.

Source: The Political Insider

Faith Braverman
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