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U.S. Steel Announces AMAZING News…Trump Is Smiling, Americans Are CHEERING!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 8, 2016

It’s amazing how good Donald Trump is proving for the economy, before he even takes over the White House office.

After nearly eight years of President Obama, America’s jobs situation is still dire. The only reason the administration can get by with touting the unemployment level in the single-digits is because of the vast numbers of unemployed Americans who finally found part-time work – which is counted as employment now – and because of the even larger number of unemployed Americans who simply dropped out of the workforce completely, too frustrated to look for jobs.

Strangely enough, this administration doesn’t count them any longer as workers.

But Trump, before even taking office, already saved more than 1,000 Carrier jobs from leaving Indiana for Mexico. And now, another company executive says this same factor—Donald Trump—is leading him to bring back thousands of jobs from his present overseas location to America.

“U.S. Steel Ceo Mario Longhi admitted that manufacturing challenges exist exclusively in the United States thanks to oppressive regulations set forth by President Obama,” the news blog The Truth Division reported. “Longhi is willing to bring as many as 10,000 jobs back to the United States because of the prosperity predicted with the advent of the incoming Trump administration.”

That’s some big stick Trump’s carrying.

His promise for a freer market hasn’t even taken hold yet and already businesses are responding.

That just shows how horrific Obama’s policies were for the business sector.

“American regulations are killing companies and equalizing the global playing field,” The Truth Division reported.

Source: The Truth Division

Cheryl Chumley
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