VA Went To Confiscate Veteran’s Guns…But 100 Surprises Were Waiting For Them When They Got There

Can the VA really take guns away from a Vet? Apparently they wanted to. Navy Vietnam Vet John Arnold received a letter from the Veteran’s Administration assessing his medical status. The VA said they were coming to his home, and Arnold needed to hand over his guns.

This wasn’t welcome news for this upper Idaho community. Arnold, a resident in Priest River Idaho, had suffered a stroke and filled out paperwork at the VA. However, a box checked on one of the forms claimed he wasn’t in control of his finances so Arnold’s guns must be confiscated.

VA held off by citizens KREM

But the Veterans Administration wasn’t ready for Arnold, the County Sheriff, 100 residents, a State Representative, and news coverage from Spokane, Washington. The community showed up to help Arnold keep his 2nd Amendment rights. The citizens later held a news conference.

To think that the VA has the authority to do so without checks and balances is tragic. It was going to happen. Spokane’s KREM 2 reported, “an inspector was to go to Arnold’s home August 6 to complete an inspection and seize the guns.”

Bonner County Sheriff, Daryl Wheeler, stood with residents at Arnold’s home to block the VA from this ill-advised confiscation. Also present was State Representative Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) who helped organize the residents to stand with Mr. Arnold.

When a bloated bureaucratic nightmare like the VA can order a Vietnam Vet to hand over his weapons after a stroke, our nation has fallen into a sink hole. The VA can’t even take care of our heroes at the hospital. Why in the world are they stomping on the constitution?

For now the VA has backed down thanks to the residents who stood with one of our nation’s most precious citizens.

Thank you, Mr. Arnold, for your service to our nation.

HT: Breitbart

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