BREAKING: VA Dentist’s Carelessness EXPOSED…HIV, Hepatitis Scandal ROCKS The Nation

Anyone who has had to suffer through dealing with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles knows how frustrating the experience can be. If you need to renew a license or get new plates, it’s the only game in town. They know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Nobody likes it.

The problem obviously stems from the fact that there is no competition. Sure, if you get irritated with your local license office, you can drive to the one that’s in the next town. But why would you think that would relieve your misery? There simply is no incentive for government bureaucracies to function in an efficient way. So take your number, sit down, look at the pictures of the politicians on the wall, and wait.

This is annoying enough when you are waiting at the DMV or the post office, especially when it’s time for one of the clerks to go on break, and he or she just hangs out that “closed” sign, thereby shutting down one window while a room full of people sit and stew. It’s far worse if it’s a matter of your health as opposed to mailing a box of junk to Aunt Helen.

So now what damage has a government bureaucracy done to the people of our country? The damage has been to veterans health, and the offending agency is the Veterans Administration. This time it’s really tragic.

Horrible, and entirely predictable. Veterans who had no choice of providers trooped through a Wisconsin office to get work performed by a VA-employed dentist who didn’t follow procedures. The VA never bothered to check whether he did or not, either, until someone blew the whistle on him. Now nearly 600 vets who served their country faithfully have to wait and see whether they have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis,” reports Hot Air.

We also see the familiar pattern of a lack of accountability resulting in disaster as well as the absurd situation of an incompetent and negligent medical practitioner continuing to draw a government salary. Note also the reference to a “single payer system.”

Again, from Hot Air:

“The only reason he’s still drawing a paycheck at all is because of civil-service rules that force the VA to keep paying incompetents and worse, which takes resources away from the veterans they are supposed to serve. And the reason why these scandals keep erupting is because veterans are locked into a single-payer system in which they have no choice but to take whatever Tomah and other facilities offer, regardless of whether they perform due diligence on patient safety or not. There is little accountability and no incentive to provide it when the customers are captive to the bureaucracy.”

Considering the sacrifices our veterans have made the VA is an absolute disgrace. At the very least, Mr. Trump can appoint officials to drain the swamp at the VA before anyone else gets killed by its health care system.

Source: Hot Air

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