Injured Iraq Vet Has A Message For Donald Trump…Leaves Campaign SPEECHLESS!

Every one of our soldiers defending America is a hero and when any of them are injured in battle, our hearts go out to them.

We can’t imagine what our world would be like without these men and women of courage and patriotism to defend us and they deserve much more than what they have received under the Obama administration.

One such badly injured American soldier, Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline, suffered his life-threatening event in Afghanistan back in 2007 when a bomb exploded under the Humvee he was riding in killing his 4 companions and leaving his body badly burned.

He has since gone on to recover well enough to take a stab at stand-up comedy.

Now, he is involved in seeing Republican candidate, Donald Trump, escorted into the Whitehouse as the new Commander In Chief of the military.

As the Conservative Tribune relates:

“I would definitely advise Mr Trump,” said the veteran, who after the attack in 2007 left the military to attempt a career in stand-up comedy,.

“A good leader doesn’t have to know everything,” he told the U.K. Daily Mail. “Nobody knows everything. That’s why you surround yourself with people who are experts in different areas. That’s what makes a good leader. Someone who can motivate the people like that.”

When asked about the current situation in Iraq, Henline said:

“We definitely need boots on the ground,” he remarked. “I know they say we kicked out Saddam Hussein then lost control of the country and that’s how ISIS was able to get in. But you’ve got to keep fighting. It takes time to win the hearts and minds.”

Barack Obama has been a huge disappointment in the way he has handled the middle east situation and enabled ISIS to morph into the formidable military thorn-in-our-side they have become.

Indeed, the whole world is now at risk and it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t deliberately engineered to happen the way it has.

The end of the Obama administration is highly anticipated and the big question is if we will get another 4 or 8 years of the same with Hillary Clinton or whether America will see a more positive change in the direction of law and order under the constitution.

We anxiously await!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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