In a victory for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court on Monday lifted key components of an injunction against the White House’s proposed ban on travel from six majority-Muslim nations, reinstating much of the policy and promising to hear full arguments in October.

The court’s decision means the justices will now wade into the biggest legal controversy of the Trump administration — Trump’s order temporarily restricting travel, which even Trump has termed a “travel ban.”

“An American individual or entity that has a bona fide relationship with a particular person seeking to enter the country as a refugee can legitimately claim concrete hardship if that person is excluded,” the Court wrote. “As to these individuals and entities, we do not disturb the injunction. But when it comes to refugees who lack any such connection to the United States, for the reasons we have set out, the balance tips in favor of the Government’s compelling need to provide for the Nation’s security.”

The justices decided to review the broader constitutional issues over executive authority on immigration with oral arguments to be held in the Fall.

This news is a sure cause for celebration.

Conservatives everywhere know that the travel ban will be upheld once the Court hears the full case in the Fall. The president is constitutionally allowed to restrict immigration from nations that pose a threat to the United States, and it is only a matter of time until the Supreme Court officially reiterates that power.

For now, we can also delight in the fact that some parts of the ban will be enforced.

Countless immigrants from hostile nations pour into our country every day. Since it is only a matter of time until one of them commits a heinous crime against the American people, we need to prevent more from coming as soon as we can.

Prior to the travel ban, the United States was slowly turning into Europe.

Europe is filled with Sharia-practicing, West-hating, Jihad-supporting Muslim “refugees.” Even though Europeans keep getting murdered by terrorists, their socialist governments keep letting more and more in each year. It is no wonder that so many Europeans want to leave the European Union – they have simply had enough Islamic terror in their countries.

Because of Europe’s negligence, the United States has become the West’s last line of defense. If the United States falls to Islamic infiltration, so goes everything the Western world holds dear. President Trump knows this, and that is why he instituted the travel ban.

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The travel ban saga goes to show that determination and perseverance in the face of tyranny always lead to success. Although the Left is tireless in its assault on American values, the Constitution and its defenders will win at the end of the day.

As long as we do not give up now, we will surely see many more victories like this one.

Source: Fox News