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UNEARTHED: Bernie’s Commie Past EXPOSED…Shocking Video Confirms Our Worst Fears
By PJ Editor|April 5, 2016

We already knew that Bernie Sander’s has praised Fidel Castro, supported the communist Sandinista’s and honeymooned in Soviet Russia, so this new video should be no surprise.

But it is still shocking to hear a leading presidential candidate praise one of the most tragic and horrifying aspects of communist political systems.

Yet here he is, insisting that the free market system that gives us $1 hamburgers and groceries stocked with cheap food should be replaced with breadlines because…rich people bad.

From The Libertarian Republic:

Sanders asserts that countries where people don’t line up for food that the poor are starving to death because “the rich get all the food.”

The lack of logic here is astounding. In America and individual can buy a meal for under $2 if you’re not picky, and everywhere we go we are surrounded by stores stocked full of food. Free markets lead to abundance, controlled markets lead to shortages and rationing. This is common sense to anyone who isn’t a Marxist ideologue.


Source: Libertarian Republic

PJ Editor
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