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Video: Dad Leads Vegas Taxi Driver On A Rescue Mission For His Daughter — THIS Is America
By OEditor|October 7, 2017

By this point, I’ve seen enough Vegas shooting videos.

But I will never get tired of seeing all of these heroes in action during this tragic event.

This Dad got a call from his daughter shortly after the shooting started at the concert.

His instincts kicked in and he instantly jumped in a taxi and told the drive to head towards The Strip.

The Dad tells the taxi driver what’s going on — There’s somebody shooting.

The taxi driver doesn’t flinch and keeps driving.

The Dad then tells him that he will give him extra money, and thats when the driver responded with the best response ever.

“No, no, no, man. I’m a father too. I can do that for free.”

You’ve got to see these heroes in action and the rescue after.

This is what makes America great.
(make sure and un-mute)

Source: Inside Edition

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