DAY IN LIFE OF COP: Attacked During Arrest, Pinned to Ground And Punched [VIDEO]

It’s not easy being a cop. The brave men and women who protect our streets face a litany of dangers. What doesn’t help is the growing, unwarranted hatred that seems to be brewing in communities across the country.

As police try to maintain safe cities, they are frequently faced with anger, and not just from the criminals! Case in point, this video footage of officers trying to arrest a suspect.

It starts as a typical scene in many inner cities: a group of police try to maintain order as they subdue a perp. The man lies in the middle of the street, making it difficult for the officers to properly apprehend him, while keeping cars away.

Although the police are trying to do their job safely, you can clearly hear the derisive comments from the bystanders. Things get even worse as a random man tackles one of the officers.

The assailant proceeds to drag the officer away from the arrest, pinning him to the ground and hitting him. His partner is then stuck in the unenviable position of helping him and letting the original perp get away.

More officers come to their aid and–eventually–both assailants are properly subdued. Not after, of course, interrupting the flow of traffic and the lives of everyone working and living in that area.

This short two minute video is just a taste of the kind of challenges police face every day. The growing resentment they face online only makes their jobs harder. Despite this, they won’t hesitate to put their lives on the line, the next time there’s trouble.

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