There hasn’t been a clearer sign of the gross bias of mainstream media, than when they’ve attacked Donald Trump over his comments from the Access Hollywood leaked audio.

The left has all but announced his doom. Some demanded that he step down from running. Others have called him everything from a monster to a sexist. All because, ten years ago, he made some distasteful remarks.

Setting aside the fact that every one of his critics has been guilty of the same thing, that you can hear far worse in every corner of the Internet, let’s look at how this same media treats Clinton. We know that Hillary’s husband had abused many women sexually. We know he literally had an affair in the White House as president.

Yet despite that, we get idiots like Robert Deniro attacking Trump, while defending the lewd acts of Bill and Hillary.

But here’s another fact the media wants you to ignore: Hillary has made her own lewd remarks. Far more recently as well.

From Conservative Tribune:

Two videos featuring Clinton were posted by Subject: Politics that show the candidate objectify men — that is, if we are to apply the same standard that Trump and other conservative men have been held to.

In the first video, Clinton spoke with Lena Dunham for her newsletter, “The Lenny Letter.”…

From there, Dunham — an avowed feminist who admitted she molested her younger sister — began to discuss a time when Kravitz’s pants split and his genitalia was exposed.

The two women bantered about it and Dunham asked Clinton if she had seen it. Clinton hadn’t, but she did ask Dunham if she could see the footage on YouTube. Dunham said that she could, to which Clinton noted that she would take a look at it.

Gross, lewd, and wildly inappropriate. But if you need proof:

In the next video, from a campaign rally, Clinton objectified a couple of men in the crowd who were shirtless. They were about to be kicked out, but she let them stay and joked that it was difficult for her to concentrate while they were there — so difficult that she had to look elsewhere.

Imagine if Trump made comments like this. Imagine if we heard him say he wanted to check out a naked woman on a YouTube video, or made some crass remarks about half-naked women at a rally. The media would eviscerate him.

Now I can go on about the sexist double standard that pathetic feminists hold for themselves and others. Apparently it’s okay for women to objectify and openly lust after men; that’s what a strong, independent woman does! But if a man says anything remotely sexual, he’s branded a pig, sexist, predator, or worse.

But that’s another discussion. The fact remains that in a desperate attempt to appear “normal” Hillary has been caught making sexually lewd comments, in the public eye. Comments that are on par with what Trump said ten years early.

Where is the media outrage?

Clearly this is another example of the liberal media attacking the conservative front runner.

The good news is, this whole leaked audio scandal seems to have worked in Trump’s favor, if the second debate is any indication.

Congratulations, outdated MSM, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Again.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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