Walmart Forced to Raise Min. Wage to $15…Most Predictable Thing In the World Immediately Happens

Chinatown residents had begged for a Walmart in their low income community of Los Angeles.

So they were surprised to learn on January 17 that the Walmart would be shut down due to the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance.

Union officials and the Left had organized an effective campaign to force Walmart to raise their wages to $15 dollars an hour. They further attacked Walmart on the “environmentally friendly” front, claiming Walmart was bad business and climate killers.

According to Allen West Union organizer Brooke Anderson said, “As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers organizing for $15 per hour, full time work, and the respect they deserve.”

The Federal Government under Obama has already pushed for a $10 an hour minimum wage increase on January 1. Then it will rise incrementally to $15 an hour by 2018.

The Congressional Budget Office stated that raising the minimum wage would kill 500,000 existing jobs. President Obama’s proposed federal minimum wage increase would raise wages for many workers but it would also force businesses to cut back on the number of employees.

Walmart was forced to shut down the Los Angeles Chinatown store because the city ordinance is a $15 dollar minimum wage and a brutal attack by Union organizers.

When a business cannot operate in a local market, it will have to shut its doors and move to a more friendly environment.

It’s not just good business sense—it’s common sense.

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