National WaPo/ABC Poll STUNS Election Watchers…They NEVER Expected This!

We’re reaching a point where serious action must be taken to stem the tide of dishonesty within news organizations.

It’s almost where we must take the nuclear option: perhaps legal action, over the kind of lies and deceit that we are seeing from liberal outlets.

In recent speeches Donald Trump has made it clear that the media is no longer a bastion of journalistic integrity. It is merely made up of corporations with political interests, just like any other. They are no longer in the business of reporting the news, but presenting to you a warped view that caters to their own agenda.

So we’re far passed the time where polls reflect any semblance of accuracy when it comes to this election. We’ve already talked about how NBC and CNN purposefully distort their poll numbers. Most news outlets want you to believe the Hillary is beating Trump by double digits, when the very opposite is true.

From Breitbart:

Bucking the trend of recent national polls that showed Hillary Clinton pulling into a solid nationwide lead over Donald Trump, and the media consensus that his campaign just experienced Armageddon, the latest poll from ABC News and the Washington Post says the race is a statistical tie, with Clinton leading by only four points in a poll with a four-point margin of error.

Clinton’s lead is the same in a head-to-head matchup, or with independent candidates factored in. In a two-way race, ABC News/WaPo reports Clinton 50 percent, Trump 46 percent. With all four candidates in the mix, it’s Clinton 47 percent, Trump 43 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson 5 percent, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein two percent.

You may be confused at all the differing poll results. Most people are. How can one news outlet come out with certain numbers, and another with wildly different ones?

The truth lies in the fact that these polls are being controlled by the media. They have a vested interest in making Hillary president. Since they are conducting these polls, it’s not difficult for them to manipulate the numbers to get a result they like.

Despite the fact that Hillary frequently hides from the press, the fact that she’s cancelling events due to a lack of enthusiasm and numbers, the fact that the only support she has is from big donors like Soros, the media wants you to think that she’s going to win.

They ignore the reality that thousands of emails have been released exposing her corruption. They ignore the fact that despite a hit job, Donald Trump continues to gain support. He’s packing out rallies across the country, uniting Americans of all backgrounds, and has the endorsement of organizations from every state.

Yet news outlets–who go out of their way to attack Trump and prop up Hillary–come out with polls that say she’s winning. Hmm, you think those polls are accurate? They sample as little as 500 people, over the phone, with confusing and contradictory questions, then compute results that suit their own narrative.

And we’re expected to believe them.

The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day, when the entire nation will weigh in on who should be president. All of the media’s lying, distortion, and manipulation won’t stop the outcome.

So make sure you get your voice heard and vote. Show the media who the boss really is.

Source: Breitbart

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