Report: Look Who Warned New York Mayor Of Terror For MONTHS – This Changes Everything

In light of the recent terrorist attack in New York, it’s important to understand the root cause of such evil. Radical, Islamic terrorists won’t rest until all of the West submits to their rule or is destroyed.

But the truth remains that many Muslims in America are not radical terrorists. We can disagree with them on religious grounds, but the fact is they simply want to live in peace and prosperity in the U.S.–just like the rest of us.

In fact, many Muslims in America are disgusted by these attacks. Not all of them do anything about it, but there are some who do. In fact, one notable imam tried to warm the mayor of New York about an impending attack. Surprisingly, the liberal politician did NOTHING.

Now the imam is revealing why the idiot De Blasio ignored his dire warnings.

From Twitter:

That’s right. Instead of heeding the words of an imam–warning the mayor that radicals were infesting New York–De Blasio was wasting his time resisting Trump. Much like the governor of California Jerry Brown, Mayor De Blasio has been turning the city into a sanctuary for illegals. All to defy the will of Trump and the American people.

Meanwhile, a conscientious Muslim leader was raising the alarm that dangerous radicals were planning attacks in New York.

Imam Twahidi sent letters, emails, even spoke with De Blasio in person. You’d think the mayor would have paid attention. When a Muslim imam is warning you of radical, Islamic terror… YOU PAY ATTENTION.

This imam was risking his own neck by sending these messages. Radicals don’t take too kindly to Muslims who resist them. They treat them as badly as any other non-Muslim–sometimes much worse. As Twahidi learned this personally.

That’s enough to want to stop ISIS and other terrorists. But he gives a good reason for why De Blasio is ignoring him:

Benefitting politician? That sounds like De Blasio. But how would he benefit? By ignoring the threat, he can continue to pander to other liberals about how “open-minded” and non-Islamophobic he is. Meanwhile, terrorists thrive in the darkness.

Now’s the time for all New Yorkers to demand answers. This man does not deserve to be your mayor, when he lets innocent people die.

Source: Twitter

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