Watch Seemingly Drunk Clinton Backer Make Shock Claim About Trump…Deny Reality [FUNNY]

Here’s your dose of insanity for the day.

Left-wing pundit Bob Beckel has made some humorous, outrageous comments about the strength of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.

Despite the momentum of Trump’s campaign and the increasing evidence of Clinton’s shady dealings and reputation, Beckel claims Hillary will tie up the election.

Even if she’s thrown in jail.

From Breitbart:

Beckel  said “In the end, the best-selling Halloween mask this October will be Donald Trump’s face. You go onto a college campus and mention Donald Trump, and people flee for the wood work. Remind me I said this. She will crush him. I mean she could crush him from jail.”

Yes Mr. Beckel, we will remind you, you said that. Mostly because you don’t look like you remember much of anything these days.

Check out the video below.  Beckel appears to be disheveled and tired.  I’m not sure he even knows what he’s saying.

It is true, we all hope Hillary will end up in jail. But I’m thinking being behind bars will make it difficult for her to run a campaign, let alone beat the business mogul. Saying he will “crush him,” is more than a stretch.

But yes, let’s all laugh at Beckel, like the others in the video. He clearly is coming off as that out of touch and slightly drunk uncle who shows up for Thanksgiving. We all smile awkwardly as he says things that make no sense.  Then we move on with reality.

Source: Breitbart

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