WATCH: Liberals FREAK OUT, Make Up Constitutional Rules…”Trump MUST Take His…”

With the historic victory of Donald Trump to the presidency, we can assume that his administration will be radically different than those preceding his.

A strong leader who turned a loan from his dad into a multi-billion dollar enterprise has some big plans from the United States, plans that will mean greater protection from terrorism and illegal aliens as well as a boom in job creation.

Already, Trump has set himself apart from recent presidents. His transition team is moving at a break neck pace, and he has met or spoken with more than 24 world leaders over the future of our countries’ relationships.

Another huge announcement: Trump will not be taking a salary as president.

From Yes I’m Right:

The liberal media is, of course, having a field day with this, saying that it’s unconstitutional. Yea like selling out national politics and housing personal servers while sending classified information outside of governmental confines is? The hypocrisy is palpable.

But it’s also laughable.

Trump is not the first to decline a salary as President. Hoover did so, as well as liberal hero John F. Kennedy. So why are media outlets so upset?

This is their continued attack on Trump and his future presidency. They failed spectacularly during the election in their efforts to destroy his campaign. Now they aim to undermine his presidency with false accusations.

But the mainstream media’s time is limited. They have proven themselves to be worthless and dishonest, the peddlers of fake news.

As more alternative outlets take their place online, there won’t be much left of them to spew their garbage.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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