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America’s police officers really are one of a kind, aren’t they? While so many other countries have police forces plagued with corruption, America’s cops are defined by brotherhood, care for the community, and a deep love for family.

These guys put their lives on the line for the community, for their partners, and their own families.  Blue lives really do matter.  Without this dedicated group of men and women who feel called to protect us, America would be much more dangerous.

So this story, while sad, is also full of joy and is a powerful testament to the character of America’s police force. The full video is below.

Independent Journal has the story:

Officer Justin Scherlen of the Amarillo, Texas, Police Department was badly injured last September in a car accident while on duty.

As KSAT reports, following the accident, Officer Scherlen endured multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. However, in August of this year while on vacation with his wife, pictured below with Scherlen, and their kids, Scherlen suddenly passed away.

After such a tragic loss, with a family grieving, there was a huge void in the Scherlen family.  Who would take his kids to school for their first day? Amazingly, his brothers-in-arms stepped in and pulled off something unforgettable.

Since the father of four couldn’t be there to witness three of his children attend the first day of school, Scherlen’s fellow comrades stood in to help.

Together, the officers lined the school’s hallway and hugged Scherlen’s son Jackson, before he headed off to class on his first day of pre-K.

Americans need these stories of hope in the midst of all the other news each day.  Stories of honor, courage and love, police units and families supporting one another through difficult times.  This is America, and the Amarillo PD makes me proud to be an American today.  Share this with others if you agree!

Source: IJR

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