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Watch Muslims INFURIATE Liberals – They Just Showed How To Treat Radical Terrorists!
By Faith Braverman|June 6, 2017

People have proposed many solutions on the proper way to deal with ISIS.

On one end of the spectrum is President Trump, who said he would “bomb the sh*t out of them.” On the other end is singer Katy Perry, who stated that we should all just “love on each other”, and that we all just need to “coexist.”

But one company has a solution that falls somewhere between these two extremes.

Zain, a mobile phone provider with millions of customers across the Middle East, released an ad four days after the Manchester terrorist attack.

The ad features actual Muslim victims of terrorist attacks, along with other powerful images.

From The Daily Wire:

Throughout, subtitles play: “Confront your enemy with peace, not war,” one says. “Persuade others with leniency, not with force.”

At the end, the bomber, surrounded by caring people and others with signs of hope and unity, falls to his knees. A singer sings:

“Let’s bomb violence with mercy, let’s bomb delusion with truth, let’s bomb hatred with love, let’s bomb extremism for a better life.”

Zain’s decision to appeal to potential terrorists by showing how their actions affect other Muslims makes sense.

Muslims make up the majority of victims of terrorist attacks, and Trump emphasized this during his recent trip to Saudi Arabia. The president stated during a speech to the leaders of 50 Muslim countries that terrorism is “a battle between good and evil.”

It’s past time for Muslims to come out with a strong stance against terrorists, and this beautiful ad does just that.

Other ads like this may be able to water down Islam to the point where extremist adherents can see the error of their ways. If this ad is effective enough, perhaps the Middle East can begin to know peace.

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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