WATCH: New DNC Leader Chosen…SHOCKING Video Emerges In Which He Blames 9/11 On…

With the historic victory of Donald Trump, the democrats are in a bad position. Not only have they lost the White House, but they are a minority in both houses of Congress.

For the next few years, conservative leadership will set the tone for our country.

The democrats have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to succeed. After eight years of Obama, the best they could get to replace him was a radical socialist like Bernie Sanders or a corrupt, career politician like Hillary Clinton — because nobody who embodied his optimism and energy would step up.

With the shocking revelations from Project Veritas and Wikileaks, we know why. The DNC has devolved into a corrupt and broken system, one that represents everything wrong with our government. It is being led by insiders who only want to protect their power and money, reject the people they pretend to be behind (such as minorities, women and the gay community).

The DNC must reform, turning away from the far left ideals and elitism and becoming more center-left to survive into the next decade. A restructuring must happen.

But hold up, because that will be unlikely if men like this take the helm, as reported by The Political Insider:

This weekend we reported on Keith Ellison – the man most likely to lead the Democratic Party — and his radical Anti-American and Anti-Israel views…

What’s at issue is not Ellison’s religious beliefs or his race, though that is what the Left try to pin on the opposition. The problem lies in his ties to radical organizations and his radical beliefs in socialism and Nation of Islam, a group that believes white people were created in a cave by an evil, mad scientist who wanted to create a race of devils. These aren’t views held by many Americans, and I doubt many Dems either…

In the video below, Ellison compares the attacks on September 11th to the “Reichstag fire“, an event in Nazi Germany where the Nazis burned down the government building, blaming it on Communists, and using it to gain more power. But this time, he doesn’t blame the Nazis but instead….

If this is the future of the Democratic Party, you can be sure it will wither and die. The vast majority of Americans do not hold to such radical, insane ideas. Even African Americans, who are by and large Christian, do not endorse this kind of thinking. It is the epitome of extremism.

Either the DNC must reform and return to American values like capitalism and reject every bit of Socialism, or people will abandon it en masse. If they appoint leaders like Ellison, it will become marginalized and forgotten, with new more conservative parties taking its place.

It’s only a matter of time.

Source: The Political Insider

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