WATCH: Protests Broaden Beyond Citizens…City Councilor Calls For Nationwide SHUT DOWN On…

The United States allows its citizens to decide its leaders by way of elections. It’s one of our beautiful freedoms.

The only thing — this always results in a loser, who can turn out to be a sore loser who protests, riots and burns any ignitable object in their way. Until, that is, they [liberals] get their way, with election results changed to their desired outcome. Because, they [liberals] really don’t like this fair system unless they get their way.

Then, making all of this worse, is when a leading establishment gives in and coddles them [liberals], validating their childish, irrational behavior.

Watch, as a Seattle council member talks about planning to shut down the Inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump with a protest.

She incites a crowd, firing them up with ridiculous chants.


Source: YouTube



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