WATCH! Student Predicts Trump Win On Instagram…What Happens Next Is STUNNING!!

The climate in public American schools has been deplorable for many years.

And things have only gotten worse as liberal teachers and faculty endorse destructive and un-American ideas. This election has shown how duplicitous and dishonest liberals can be when they want to protect the candidate of their choice.

Any teacher, student or faculty member who does not agree can face persecution, expulsion or even termination.

From IJR:

As KRON4 News reports, Jade Armenio, a sophomore at Woodside High School in California, claims she was beaten up by a classmate over her support for Donald Trump.

The fight was caught on a bystander’s camera phone, showing a girl — identified only as “Maliyah” — approaching her.

Though it’s hard to make out the conversation, the interaction begins with Maliyah asking Jade if she had really said something on Instagram.

Jade later explained that the confrontation was about a post of hers, which featured a CNN screenshot of Donald Trump possibly winning the election.

Schools have been the breeding ground for hate and dishonesty for years. Liberal teachers, wanting to warp the minds of young people, have attacked conservative values and pushed their democratic agenda for a long time. Anyone who aims to stand up to them can expect resistance, sometimes violence, from students duped by their teachers.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable. American schools must be the epitome of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every other virtue that makes our nations stand out. Students should not be afraid to embrace their own beliefs, political or otherwise.

If you’ve heard of any kind of discrimination against conservative students, be free to share it. We will defend our children’s’ right to speak their mind, no matter the resistance.

Source: IJR

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