Watch The Congressional Shooter Go On An Insane Socialist Tirade: “We Gotta…

There is an odd correlation between radical leftists and violence.

For years we’ve seen Socialist-inspired liberals spew hatred for those with wealth and success. They blame other for their own problems. In recent days, that has resulted in terrible violence and bloodshed.

The man accused of shooting Congressmen last Wednesday has turned out to be one of these leftists. A strong Bernie Sanders supporter, we are learning just what kind of rhetoric he was believing.

From Daily Wire:

In 2011, James Hodgkinson, the alleged shooter who targeted Congresspeople Wednesday morning, made his way to St. Louis for an Occupy Wall Street event. He was interviewed there, where he stated that the 99% were getting “pushed around” while the 1% didn’t give “a damn.”

Hodgkinson stated, (The) “99% are getting pushed around, and the 1% are just not givin’ a damn. So we gotta speak up for the whole country.”

Hodgkinson had made numerous references to income inequality before, in his letters to the editor. Among his statements were:

“I just want to let everyone know that income inequality was a factor in the causes of the Great Depression as well as the greed of Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon under the Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover … This is what the Republican Party wants to do today.”

It’s no surprise that an Occupy Wall Street-loving, Bernie Sanders supporter would stoop to such actions.

The kind of hate the left has been brewing among Americans is leading to violence. Be it between white and black people (and cops), thanks to Black Lives Matter, between conservatives and liberals, or even between North and South. Liberals cannot win in fair arguments so they are forced to use violence.

Their rhetoric and ideas are built on mania and nonsense. So it stands to reason that the end result would be bloodshed.

Now more than ever, reasonable Americans must abandon this toxic party. The ideas of the left only lead to pain and ruin. We are seeing that happen before our very eyes.

Source: Daily Wire

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