Trump DOMINATES Online, But You Didn’t Know THIS Weird Fact…☺☺☺

OMG you guys!

It’s a shocking to think that the 69 year old candidate for President has so much support from young people.  He is the most-talked about candidate on social media, with a whopping 7.61 million followers on Twitter alone.

An interesting detail to note, that among the many mentions of the mogul online, supporters are using emojis more than anyone else.

For those not in the know, emojis are those little pictures that appear beside text in many online messages.

According to Washington Post:

Trump tweeters are more than twice as likely to use emojis than people tweeting about any other candidate. Over the last six weeks, our analytics partners at Zignal Labs have tracked more than 1.3 million Trump tweets with emojis.

Roughly two out of every three tweets with an emoji that also mentioned a presidential candidate were about Trump.

And Trump earned a larger share of tweets with emojis (roughly 62 percent) than his share of overall Twitter traffic (44 percent) during the same six-week period.

So what does this really tell us?

If the election were decided by adorable graphics, Trump has it all tied up.  But the reality is, this is an indication of the emotion the New Yorker generates among his supporters.

The use of colorful icons in messages is a sign of enthusiasm, excitement, and just plain playfulness.  It means that his supporters are a passionate, and tech-savvy lot.

Who would have thunk it?

Source: (Washington Post)

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