What If Hillary Drops Out? HERE Is What Would Happen Next…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health issues have been a source of much speculation and comment of late.

Few thought that those problems would be so dramatic that they would cause her to literally collapse in front of dozens, if not hundreds, of witnesses.

The official word from her doctor was that Hillary has pneumonia but she sure looked lively and happy in the picture that was taken just a short time after she was whisked away from the 9/11 memorial observance because of a fainting spell.

Now there is much discussion about finding a possible replacement for Hillary if she is unable to continue her campaign. The Democratic National Committee has bylaws that pertain to just such a possibility as this.

This is what they say:

 ‘The foregoing notwithstanding, a special meeting to fill a vacancy on the National ticket shall be held on the call of the Chairperson, who shall set the date for such meeting.’

These are the possible options they can consider:

1. Congress could push back the Election Date

That’s unlikely because, well, Trey Gowdy would NEVER let that happen.

Congress is heavily Republican-leaning, and other Electoral reform laws have stalled in Congress.

2. Tim Kaine could run for President

He has a strong donor base, and could pick his own running mate and carry on.

He would have to get the Democratic Party to vote for him, though.

3. What about those other guys? Bernie or Joe?

Just like Kaine, they would still have to be picked by the membership.

4. A family member is an option.

Wouldn’t it be odd if they picked Chelsea Clinton, since Bill is ineligible as a former two term president. Whoever they pick, they are going to have a steep uphill battle going against Donald Trump in the final weeks before election!

Source: Clash Daily

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