When The Cops Showed Up At This Restaurant, They Never Expected THIS!

We could all use a good news story right now, especially America’s police officers.

At this moment, those working in law enforcement feel unjustly targeted for criticism, abuse and even fatal violence. Many people have taken to spontaneously shaking the hands of officers and expressing their support in other ways. However, Lisa Hirakis, the owner of the Main Street Diner in Auburndale, Florida diner, has now raised the bar.

According to local TV News station WTVT:

The diner is offering free meals for all cops for the month of July and is now even considering extending that generosity throughout August.

More than the delicious free food, officer were shocked at the overwhelming outpouring of support from the diner that started a trend of showing thanks for them throughout the town.

“We didn’t sign up for the job for people to tell us all the time how good we are, how much they appreciate us, but we don’t get that a lot,” said Andy Ray, deputy chief of the Auburndale Police Department. “It’s nice to have the support to validate that people appreciate us. Sometimes we forget that.”

Maybe this story will inspire other businesses, large and small, to do something similar. Sometimes these small, simple gestures can make the biggest difference in morale and community spirit, for both the givers and those they reach out to.

Source: Mad World News

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