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When Trump Haters Tried To Protest In Texas…They Never Expected THIS! – LOL
By Cheryl Chumley|September 19, 2016

The #nevertrump fools on both sides of the partisan divide are getting more and more desperate to disqualify Donald Trump as his poll numbers continue to rise and Hillary Clinton continues to sink.

That’s the only way to explain why they would choose uber-conservative Texas as a venue for a protest.

Note to anti-Trumpers: If you’re hoping to send the message that Donald Trump has no support and voters don’t want him – try to gather more than a handful of people to protest his campaign appearance.

Otherwise, it just looks sad and desperate, a pitiful display of partisanship.

But that’s just what happened in Houston, at a spot where Trump was due to appear to honor the families of those killed by illegal immigrants. As his speaking time drew near, a single protester arrived on scene.

“The protest grew to about a dozen people and then eventually capped out at about 25 to 30,” Breitbart reported.

And the couple dozen protesters weren’t even representative of any segment of traditional American voters, but rather, from the fringe.

“The failed anti-Trump protest was made up of an odd assembly of self-proclaimed communists, Black Lives Matter activists, and those who support eliminating our border and providing amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants in this country,” Breitbart reported. “The group threw together some makeshift signs, a few banners and Mexican flags, to show their sentiment.”

Missing from the protest camp? The American flag, the news outlet said.

What a show of patriotism — not.

But meanwhile, inside the Omni Hotel where Trump was speaking, several hundred turned out to support and honor those families of people killed by illegals. Trump supporters also took to the streets to counter the Trump protest, small as it was, and at one point, a teenager named Marcel McClinton asked one of the anti-Trumpers why he was accusing the billionaire businessman of being a racist.

As Breitbart reported: “The black teen approached [the protester] and some kind of disturbance erupted. Houston police officers quickly responded and separated the two. Breitbart Texas spoke with the teen … ‘I asked the man how Trump is a racist,’ [the teen said]. He said [the man] responded, ‘I am not here to talk. Back up. You’re just a f—ing ni–er.'”

As the teen then noted to Breitbart: “He kind of contradicted himself. He called Trump a racist and then he called me a ni–er.”

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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