BREAKING: What Obama Is Doing In The While House Is APPALLING…Clinton-esque

Now that Obama’s time in office is winding down, he needs to find a new source of revenue for himself and his family.

Although he was already well off before becoming president, earning a good living as an author and senator, he’ll be damned if he falls back into those meager times.

It looks like he’s taking a page out of the Clinton playbook for earning less than honest cash.

He’s already created his own foundation, a so-called not for profit tax shelter that can let him funnel money into his own hands.

Now it looks like he’s already using the charitable organization to give out favors while wracking up the cash.

From Hot Air:

More than a dozen of the 39 named donors to the Obama Foundation have visited the White House for exclusive gatherings and events, according to a new report from the transparency group MapLight. …

In fact, every donor whose family or foundation had given more than $100,000 met with Obama at the White House, according to the review by MapLight, a non-profit research organization that tracks money in politics. The group looked at White House visitor records, the foundation’s website and its tax returns.

Donors who have met with Obama include the actress Julia Roberts and her cinematographer husband Danny Moder, private equity executive Mark Gallogly and his wife Lise Strickler; and the founder of clothing retailer Zumiez, Tom Campion, and his wife, Sonia.

They all attended a private gathering at the White House in January, MapLight found. The visit went unnoticed because it was not listed on Obama’s public schedule.

So all you need to do to get some face time with the Leader of the Free World is pony up some cash.

Who cares about all the hard working Americans who’ve naively supported him over the last eight years.

They ain’t Julia Roberts! If you can’t shell out $100,000 or more, you don’t deserve a dinner with your President!

This kind of thing is beyond unethical. It’s disgusting. And Obama knows it.

Why else would he keep the dinners off his public schedule?

He doesn’t want all the little nobodies who love him finding out he’s hobnobbing with the rich elite. He wouldn’t want you to think he was elitist or anything.

As The Hill’s Megan Wilson points out, this isn’t the first time that this has been discovered. Four years ago, the Associated Press conducted a similar review, and found similar patterns. In that case, however, it was campaign donors who got face time with Obama

No matter how one cuts it, granting special access to campaign donors is corrupt, even if it’s not technically illegal and even if “everyone does it.” Selling access to boost a personal foundation is arguably worse. One can argue that campaign fundraising involves personal contact and that a president is stuck with the White House as his home by forces outside of his control. Obama has no job-related reason to start a non-profit foundation, however, and using public facilities to benefit his private endeavor constitutes at least a conflict of interest.

No kidding. Obama is selling his few months left in office in order to boost his Foundation’s bank roll, a bank roll he has unlimited access to.

Once he leaves the White House in January, those dinners won’t be as valuable to Julia and her Hollywood cronies.

Gotta get ’em in while you’re hot, Barry. Who cares about the sanctity of the office or that oath you swore to represent the American people?

You’ve got celebrities to entertain!

Source: Hot Air

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