WHOA: White House Laying Down Law To Trump…”We Expect You To…”

Obama is winding down in the final days of his time in office. And while he may be kicking back, those in his administration are not.

Instead, they are laying down laws they expect president-elect Donald Trump to follow.

Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice wants to make sure Trump remains faithful to America’s NATO allies in upholding previously ratified treaties.

Trump’s made comments as to whether he will do so, because he doesn’t like that allies haven’t upheld their end.

According to AFP:

The United States can be relied upon to uphold mutual defense treaties with its allies but a trans-Pacific trade deal now looks unlikely, National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Monday.

In her first public comments since Donald Trump’s surprise election win, President Barack Obama’s top foreign policy adviser told AFP the weight of the presidency would likely temper Trump’s stance.

On the campaign trail, Trump suggested some of America’s treaty allies are not pulling their weight and that Washington may not feel bound to defend them, triggering concern in capitals that have relied on US protection for decades.

Rice continued:

“It is manifestly in the United States’ interests for these alliances to endure and to be a source of confidence to our partners and for them to understand that they don’t need to come from under the US umbrella,” she said.

“The weight of this office, and the weight of American global leadership, and the responsibilities that it entails, and the history that we share, the interests that endure, make it reasonable for our allies and partners to expect that the United States will uphold its obligations,” she said.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was also a major topic that Rice addressed about which president-elect Trump has expressed some opinions of his own. He labeled the present agreement “a horrible deal” for America and has vowed to renegotiate many US trade deals with it’s TPP partners.

But Rice warned that if, as seems likely, TPP is abandoned, it will leave space for China to expand its influence among traditional US allies in southeast Asia.

“TPP is obviously a challenge at this stage,” Rice told AFP.

“Trade is not going to stop, it will continue,” she added.

“We’ll be part of it but we won’t be as able to shape the framework to serve our values and our interests,” she said. “That leaves a vacuum for countries like China and others to fill that is not in our interest.”

We have every confidence in the new president’s ability to negotiate trade partnerships with other countries advantageous to American interests. After all, you don’t get to be a billionaire business tycoon without developing a few negotiating skills of your own.

Source: Yahoo News

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