The End Is NIGH! White House Makes SHOCK Announcement On Obamacare…This Will END Hillary!

The hinge point in government supervised healthcare programs is that ever increasing premiums funnels more money into the federal government’s coffers for redistribution to people who otherwise couldn’t afford insurance.

The key point here being that the middle class, which is already highly taxed and living paycheck to paycheck, bears the major burden of the expense since wealthy people can afford to self insure.

Now, insurers are expected to raise their premiums in 2017 for certain plans sold through the federal healthcare website.

From the Washington Post:

Insurers are raising the 2017 premiums for a popular and significant group of health plans sold through by an average of 25 percent, more than triple the increase for this year, according to new government figures.

The spike in average rates for the 38 states that rely on the federal marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act was announced by federal health officials on Monday. The figures serve broadly to confirm what has become evident piecemeal in recent months: Prompted by a burden of unexpectedly sick ACA customers, some insurers are dropping out while many remaining companies are struggling to cover their costs.

Officials are hoping to soften the blow to 8 out of 10 consumers by offering ACA subsidies to help defray the cost of higher premiums which is a nice way of saying “since we’re forcing you to pay us more money, we’ll give a little bit more of it back….when we’re done with it.”

According to a Health and Human Services (HHS) research brief,  the data shows that health plan options are dwindling, although almost all ACA shoppers will have some choice of plans for 2017.

The Affordable Care Act, as predicted,  is effectively eliminating more and more insurance providers year after year because it is becoming too hard for those companies to earn a profit. Eventually, if we continue with Obamacare, we can expect there to be only one insurance provider which would be the US government.

What happens then?

Well, that’s when we’ll see the euthanasia clinics popping up and a whole new kind of propaganda campaign to convince elderly and chronically ill people to stop being a burden on society and end it all!

Source: McClatchy DC

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