Breaking: White Victims Of Hate Crimes Classified As “Other Attacks” By Network…You Won’t Believe Which One!

With the historic win of Donald Trump to the White House–not to mention the GOP majority in Congress–the liberal elite have very little to cheer over.

The glorious liberal paradise they had envisioned for America is dead. The extreme social experiment under Obama will come to an end and the government will once again be by the people and for the people.

The only recourse many on the left have is to lash out with unjustified attacks against the President-Elect and his supporters. While millions of Americans voted for Trump over issues like the economy, national security, and immigration, the media wants you to believe it was out of racism.

Because voting for an old, white woman would have been so progressive (note the sarcasm).

From Conservative Tribune:

Following the election of President-elect Donald Trump, many distraught liberals in the media have been fretting over a supposed uptick in alleged “hate crimes” committed against minorities, ostensibly by Trump supporters…

They cite the decidedly left-leaning — and in their own right hateful — Southern Poverty Law Center for proof of this supposed rash of hate crimes, a number of which have already been debunked or withdrawn by the complainant.

But it is noteworthy that while they have gone to great lengths to compile this extensive list and dig up details of these supposed hate crimes, the same due diligence has not been paid to white Trump supporters who have found themselves on the receiving end of both hateful and abusive words and even criminal acts of violence.

CNN has been at the forefront of this problem. The left have operated under a gross double standard for years. While claiming to defend equality and diversity, they ignore crimes and discrimination towards the millions of white Americans. If we are to protect minorities from legitimate hate crimes, shouldn’t we protect white people too?

Are white Americans immune to hate? Are they not deserving of justice when someone attacks them because they supported Trump or have white skin?

Most Americans will agree with me. But the left, desperate to continue their failing narratives, ignores the violence against white Trump supporters and broadcasts the illegitimate crimes being committed to minorities.

There has been a trend to call networks like CNN “fake news.” At this point, I think that’s very appropriate.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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