Who Is Tim Kaine?…The TRUTH Will SHOCK Americans!

With Hillary’s health becoming an increasing concern, more light is being cast on her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

If Clinton is forced out of the race, the Democrats could replace her with Kaine, a man who was nominated by no one except the Clinton campaign. He received zero votes in the primary, yet he could end up running against Donald Trump, or if Clinton wins and then tragedy strikes, he could become president without winning a single vote in his own right.

So who is Tim Kaine?

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s Democratic presidential running mate and the DNC’s choice for Vice President is a full blown Marxist if one evaluates him by his past mentors and affiliations.

It seems Mr. Kaine spent most of his formative years getting indoctrinated with Marxist philosophy. His associations with radical Latin American revolutionaries back in the 1980s gives us cause for concern.

An article from The Hill provides some details:

Reports indicate that in Honduras, “Mr. Kaine embraced an interpretation of the gospel, known as liberation theology…” 

This wasn’t mainstream “Catholic thought” at the time. It was a radical, Marxist-based ideology at odds with the Church, the pope, and the United States, but supportive of (and supported by) the Soviet Union.

To counter Vatican opposition to this theology, now published documents from the Soviet and East German archives show “active measures” were undertaken to undermine the Vatican and the pope — key barriers to a Soviet influence in Latin America.

The documents are detailed in books by former Associated Press Berlin bureau chief, John Koehler and the Mitrokhin Archive data published by Cambridge University Professor Christopher Andrew.

Tim Kaine’s political formation wasn’t pro-American or pro-Catholic, it was pro-Soviet.

And further:

In 2005, he directly discussed “Liberation Theology,” “Christian socialism” and other “revolutionary” ways of thinking, saying: “After the collapse of ‘real socialism,’ these currents of thought were plunged into confusion. Incapable of either radical reformulation or new creativity, they survived by inertia, even if there are still some today who, anachronistically, would like to propose [them] again.”

Liberation Theology’s recent second wind has been achieved by disavowing its Marxist roots. Francis’ doctrinal chief Cardinal Mueller is seen as friendly, but stated: “true liberation theology is opposed to Marxism.”

That wasn’t the case in the 1980s. Then, Kaine embraced not some reconstituted, post-Marxist version, but the hardcore, Cold War variety — an avowed Marxist ideology inimical to the institutional Catholic Church and to the United States.

Just how hardcore were his Jesuit teachers? Well, around the time Kaine was there, Jesuits were arrested for gunrunning, and, the next year, the Honduran government banned any more American Jesuits from coming to that country because of their left-wing activism. 

The fact that Hillary chose him as her running partner reveals a lot about Hillary herself and what a Hillary Clinton administration might look like. Anyone who has read George Orwell’s book 1984 is familiar with “Big Brother” but little did we know that our darkest fears could be realized in a Big Sister and if she isn’t capable of doing the job, Tim Kaine would love to step into the presidential shoes!

Source: The Hill

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