WHOA: Donald Trump Declares: Hillary Could Start WWIII…Here’s Why He’s RIGHT!

If you’re old enough to remember President Ronald Reagan, you’re probably suffering from a chronic case of deja vu these days. All the “experts,” pundits and even comedians and rock musicians back then told us that Reagan was itching to start a nuclear war with the USSR.

Obviously that never happened or no one would be reading (or typing) this. But sure enough, the liberal elites couldn’t resist trying to tar Donald Trump with the same “war mongerer” brush this time around.

However, others counter that many of the most futile and destructive military engagements of our time have happened on Hillary Clinton’s watch. One observer now warns that she’s the one to worry about if “World War III” is your biggest fear.

Sean O’Grady, who is otherwise no fan of Trump, writes in the UK Independent:

Yes, that’s right, [America’s] most important relationship is with the Russians, or, as we once knew them, the Soviets. They’re the ones we need to get along with.

Now this is where The Donald scores above his sensible, sane, intelligent and diplomatic Democratic opponent. Donald gets it. He gets that if you decide to run your foreign policy devoid of moral content with the sole guiding principle that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” (copyright Joseph Stalin), then peace, cooperation, even alliance with Russia is possible, indeed desirable. (…)

Something like the Cuba crisis could happen again under President Hilary Clinton; one can see her issuing unenforceable ultimatums on Putin because his proxies have grabbed some bit of territory in the Caucasus most of us haven’t heard of. That is much, much less likely to occur under President Trump.

While some of O’Grady’s remarks and suggestions may be unpalatable to Republicans, his essay provides a welcome corrective to the Democratic meme that they are the party of peace.

Credit: Independent

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