WHOA: Donald Trump Drops A BOMBSHELL On Hillary! Just Called Her A…

Hillary Clinton’s highly touted speed denouncing Trump’s alleged ties to the “alt-right” laid a massive egg. Most Americans have never even heard the expression, and those familiar with it understand that calling conservatives “racists” is such a worn out tactic it has lost most of its impact.

Liberals aren’t used to being called “racists” back, so they must have been shocked when Trump responded to Hillary’s bizarre accusations with some of his own. He called his opponent “a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.”

Writing at Breitbart, Joel B. Pollak offered ten examples to back up Trump’s charge, saying:

“Clinton’s new attacks are just the latest iteration of her obsession with whiteness, which she courts when she thinks she is impressing conservatives, and trashes when she panders to liberals.”

Pollak’s examples include the bizarre fake “accent” she’s put on when addressing African-American audiences, and her use of the expression “colored people’s time” when joking about tardiness. Remember this?

He notes that like a truly unprincpled panderer, Clinton veers from trying to prove to black voters that she’s “one of them,” to courting the white vote with weird, “dog whistle” appeals to “rednecks” and “hard working white Americans.”

Pollak leaves out Hillary’s awkward insistence to some black talk radio hosts that she keeps a bottle of hot sauce in her purse, but the message is clear:

Hillary Clinton, like any sociopath, tries to endear herself to whoever she happens to be talking to at the time. The trouble is that she’s just not as skillful at it as her equally pathological husband.

Credit: Breitbart

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