WHOA! Hillary Just Blurted Out Her INSANE Plans…This Could END HER!

You have to hand it to Hillary—She’s got some crazy ideas but at least she keeps quiet about them, trying to be the blank canvas Obama was 8 years ago.

Well, at least until now.  Sensing she’s losing her own base, she just went out on a limb and supported one of the craziest liberal policy ideas.

Liberals have tried to push gun control after every mass shooting, with mixed results. Now it looks like Hillary Clinton is trying another approach.

Instead of focusing on the rare instances where a mentally ill killer simply “goes postal,” she’s making gun control an anti-terror issue. And who could possibly be against that?

Except the facts, as usual, get in the way. Breitbart reports:

During MSNBC’s September 7 Commander-in-Chief Forum, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested more gun control is part of the fight against terror attacks in the United States.

Clinton then said that “here, at home, for goodness sakes, we have to finally pass a law prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from being able to guy a gun in the United States of America.” This is a reference to the “no fly, no buy” law that Democrats have been pushing since the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack, although neither of the San Bernardino attackers were on any kind of list.

Democrats also used the Orlando terror attack as an opportunity to push “no fly, no buy,” even though the Orlando gunman was not on a list either.

Does she know these murderers weren’t on such a list? Does the average American watching this forum? Maybe moderator Matt Lauer did, but considering his close ties with the Clinton Foundation, he wasn’t likely to raise that delicate matter.

Not only are many terrorists not on any “list”, it’s the Democrats who complain about “profiling” and take every opportunity to make the creation of such lists illegal. And how likely is it that a terrorist is going to buy a gun legally, under their own name? Won’t they just get one through illegal channels? And what about bombs, or—as was seen in Nice, France—trucks? Let’s hope Trump is able to state the facts plainly and convince America that Hillary’s policies are dangerous for all Americans.

Credit: Breitbart

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