WHOA: Hillary Gets SHOCKING New Endorsement…She Just Lost A CRITICAL Swing State Over This!

Endorsements are supposed to help candidates, not hurt their chances of winning, but Hillary Clinton just got a big “thumbs up” that she won’t want anyone else to hear about.

Desperate liberals are still trying to somehow link Donald Trump to the KKK, but when the father of the Muslim mass murderer at a gay nightclub stands within feet of Hillary at one of her small rallies, the media has a lot less to say about his tacit endorsement.

Now the Blaze is reporting on an even more blatant and damaging one:

On October 15th, an endorsement of Hillary Clinton was published by Cuba’s KGB-founded publication “Cubadebate,” which read: “It’s Hillary’s hour!…The only hope of defeating Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton. (…) In any nation of the world–and even in the U.S. during normal times–Donald Trump would find himself either in prison or in a mental institution!”

The Blaze continued:

So warns the eunuch scribe for a totalitarian regime that murdered more Cubans in its first three years in power than Adolf Hitler murdered Germans during his first six. The same leader who converted a highly-civilized, immigrant-swamped nation into a slum/sewer with the hemisphere’s highest suicide rate, which is ravaged by tropical diseases, where tens of thousands have died trying to escape, where alley cats constitute a delicacy and where ox-carts represent luxury transportation.

Of course, Florida is the home to many proud, patriotic and successful American citizens who fled communist Cuba. Imagine what they’ll think when they see that Castro’s favored candidate is Hillary Clinton.

And as journalist Matt Palumbo asks:

If Donald Trump has to denounce any questionable endorsements he receives, why doesn’t the same rule apply to Hillary? 

Source: Allen West

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