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WHOA: Hillary’s Secret Coup EXPOSED…The Clinton Campaign Is PANICKING! [WATCH]
By Cheryl Chumley|November 3, 2016

So the WikiLeaks document dump and the subsequent fall of Hillary Clinton in the polls was simply a product of an angry Julian Assange–right?

Not so fast.

There’s something deeper going on–much deeper.

Steve Pieczenik, a former State Department deputy assistant, issued a shocking four-minute statement via YouTube that paints a picture of intrigue, deception, coup and counter-coup, all playing out on the American political scene but quietly, behind the scenes.

You can watch the full video below.

First the coup: “This coup was done silently and very effectively [by the Clintons] through two methods, corruption and co-optation,” he said, speaking of the ability of Hillary and Bill Clinton to “co-opt” the White House, judiciary, CIA, FBI and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

But then came the counter-coup, and this is what’s been hitting hard at the Clinton camp for president of late, by way of WikiLeaks and FBI director James Comey’s recent revisiting of the email server scandal.

And on that point, Pieczenik said he’s part of a community of intelligence folk and patriots, tired of the corruption and deception and fed up at the idea of the Clinton’s cronyism taking over the White House, launching a counter-coup that uses information from Julian Assange to force certain shadows into the light.

Specifically, he said Comey’s recent decision to revisit the email scandal wasn’t exactly his own decision, but one made because Assange, at the insistence of the counter-coup people, provided documents and information that could be used to force the scandal back into the limelight, and press the FBI to give it a second look.

“This was the entry way for many of us in the countercoup to say to the administration we have your number,” Pieczenik said, in the You Tube video, “[and to say we’re] going to stop you from making Hillary Clinton the president of the United States.”

Pieczenik said this is the first time in history a coup and counter-coup has ever been launched on the Internet.

He also said: “We’re going through a major, major transition and quite frankly, a second American Revolution.”

The idea is to stop the Clintons from taking power, and to make sure President Obama leaves the White House without causing more damage, he said.

“This moment of history is occurring right now, in front of us,” Pieczenik said.

Source: YouTube

Cheryl Chumley
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