WHOA: Kaine Goes OFF THE RAILS…Here’s The Moment Pence DEMOLISHED Him! – BOOM

Even die-hard liberals had to concede that Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine came across as a hectoring bully during his debate with Republican Mike Pence.

The next morning, everyone on both sides of the aisle was talking about how much Kaine interrupted Pence—and even bullied the moderator when she tried to gain control of the situation.

Pence is no wallflower, however, so he managed to get some punches in, and one of them was, for many, the highlight of the night.

From NBC News, Pence responded to Kaine’s charge of running a campaign of insults in the perfect way, landing the KO of the night:

It didn’t end there, though.  Kaine had some cringe-worthy moments showing him (and by connection, Hillary) at his most petty and political.  And Pence was having none of it.

Pence was about to “give credit to this president” for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, and prefaced this by saying, “I was in Washington, DC on 9/11…”

“I was in Virginia,” Kaine interrupted.

“I know you were,” Pence deadpanned, before continuing his comments.

It was a small but revealing moment that displayed Kaine at his worst, using one of the worst days in American history to try to win a childish game of one-upmanship. He looked petty and self-centred, as if the attack was somehow all about him.

Can anyone imagine having to put up with this petulant, unpleasant man for four or even eight years?

Credit: Independent Journal Review

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