WHOA: Liberals CANCEL Christmas In Hollywood…BLAME It All On Trump!

It appears the ranks of the butthurt, whiny snowflakes isn’t confined to just the liberal college students on campus.

It also includes some large public relations firms who represent big name celebrities, as well.

They were so upset by the election of Donald Trump as president that they protested in the most childish way possible.They cancelled Christmas! Or actually just their annual Christmas party gala.

Since Hillary didn’t win the election, they just don’t have anything to celebrate about anymore.

Awwwwe……too bad!

As Breitbart explains:

Hollywood publicity powerhouse Sunshine Sachs has cancelled its glitzy, star-studded annual holiday celebrations in solidarity with those whom its chief executive says are people who feel targeted by Donald Trump.

“We’ve been talking a lot about how to protect the things we care about, post-election,” Sunshine Sachs CEO Shawn Sachs told industry outlet TheWrap on Tuesday.

“I felt the morning after was nothing compared to how I felt talking to people in this office, those who felt their citizenship — in a matter of moments — was gone or had been lessened,” Sachs said of the election. “Being the diverse workplace we are, many of us felt under assault.”

Sunshine Sachs represents screen stars from Natalie Portman to Leonardo DiCaprio, and also works with major tech companies like Facebook.

The firm spends big to host holiday parties in New York City and Los Angeles, usually attended by the journalism and Hollywood elite. But the election of Donald Trump marked a change for the company.

Now this butthurt, liberal moron understands how we conservatives felt when Obama won the election in 2008 and so far, none of our trepidations about him have been wrong.

So what do the butthurt snowflakes of Sunshine Sachs plan to do with the money budgeted for the party? Breitbart tells us:

In lieu of its its annul parties, the firm will donate the budgets to pro-abortion, LBGT rights, and immigration organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign and the Immigrant Defense Fund. Sunshine Sachs will also donate money to gun control advocacy groups like Everytown for Gun Safety, as well as the Environmental Defense Fund and Muslim Aid America.

All the groups that Conservatives are trying to defeat.  Is anyone surprised?

Nobody who understands the insanity that drives liberals is!

Source: Breitbart  





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