WHOA! Liberals Leave Trump SPEECHLESS…They Just Took A SLEDGEHAMMER To…

People sometimes wonder why we call liberals childish babies. Then there comes a story that proves us right.

We know that the ideology of the left is terribly flawed. Their approach to running our country would leave it ruined. Common sense dictates that strong, conservative policies always work best in America.

When put to the test, liberals always fail. That is why they often resort to pathetic, illegal tactics.

We’ve seen throughout this election how democrats–including the DNC and Hillary herself–have broken the law, incited violence, and generally “gone low” to try to undermine Donald Trump and his supporters. The left has very little right to stand on, so they must resort to lashing out.

Like children throwing tantrums, the left act out. They don’t like how the election is going, but instead of acting responsibly, they cause trouble.

From Breitbart:

A man armed with a sledgehammer and a pick-ax destroyed Donald Trump’s oft-vandalized Hollywood Walk of Fame star early Wednesday morning.

A video obtained exclusively by Deadline Hollywood shows an unidentified man swinging at Trump’s star with what appears to be a pick-ax, ultimately destroying it.

The man, identified in an exclusive story by Deadline as one Jamie Otis, was reportedly disguised as a city construction worker when he arrived at the heavily-trafficked Hollywood Boulevard landmark at around 5:45 a.m. local time.

“He said he originally intended to remove Trump’s star completely to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades,” the man told Deadline’s Dominic Patten.

You see, this stupid liberal has no real way of getting at Trump directly. He knows Hillary will lose to him. But instead of, I don’t know, offering a rational, well-thought out rebuttal of Trump’s plans or ideas, he vandalizes property.

Smashing Trump’s star does nothing. It doesn’t hurt Trump. It certainly doesn’t hurt his candidacy or his many supporters. In fact, it will only motivate more people to rally behind Trump, as they see how cowardly and childish the other side can be.

All this will do is result in a conviction for the vandal and force a company not connected with Trump to pay for repairs to the sidewalk.

But that’s the left for you: acting out irrationally, for no tangible good, at expense of the rest of us.

Recent weeks have shown us how desperate the left has become. These people prove time and again their views are flawed and their behavior is not to be trusted.

Source: Breitbart

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