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WHOA: Liberals Smear Trump Supporters With One SICK Word…This Is The Ultimate Insult!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 1, 2016

Lately – and by that, it’s meant post-Donald Trump win of the White House – the insults against everyday Americans with everyday concerns have been mounting.

Call it the far left’s desperate attempt to destroy Trump’s legitimacy by painting both the president-elect and his supporters as lovers of all-things-Hitler.

Call it the alt-right’s irrational likening of Trump’s call for border control to inhumane crackdowns on freedoms and individual rights.

But the fact is: Slinging around “Nazi” accusations is a dangerous move.

“Calling someone a ‘Nazi’ is absurd hyperbole and it often discredits the person making the claim,” Joel Pollak with Breitbart wrote. “But in the current climate, the term ‘Nazi’ is highly inflammatory, because people are upset about the recent election and looking for someone to blame.”

So what happens? Well, what happens is what’s happening – left-leaning organizations take the hyperbole and run with it.

“A left-wing group calling itself ‘LA Jews for Peace’ issued a press statement warning that minorities – including ‘Muslim Americans, Blacks, Latinos and Latinas, immigrants and all other groups, including Jews’ – were going to be ‘subjected to registration and mass detention or deportation due to the Trump administration enacting a white supremacist agenda,” Breitbart reported.


Indeed – that’s how the left is using this hyperbole, to launch political attacks on the president-elect they both hate and fear, regardless of how unfounded the claims and accusations are.

As Breitbart noted: “If you spread fears like that, you are creating a pretext for people to take dramatic, even violent action, because they may believe they are saving themselves or stopping a great (albeit contrived) evil.”

Calling people “Nazis” puts a target on their backs. And it’s completely unjustified, uncalled for – and political.

“You are scapegoating innocent people for political purposes,” Breitbart said.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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