WHOA: Michael Moore Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Trump! “He Is Going To…

Something the left doesn’t understand is the anger of the American people. While rich elitists in the media and Washington enjoy the finer things in life–largely thanks to their own corruption of our laws–everyday Americans suffer slashed wages, shrinking job opportunities, and a lowering of quality of life.

The liberal media has bashed Trump as a sideshow. They ridicule him, much like they ridiculed Reagan, as a spectacle that surely cannot win. But the fact remains the left are completely out of touch with America.

They don’t understand that Americans had to suffer through eight years of broken promises under Obama. They don’t understand that we hate the way Washington D.C. is being run. And although they are ignoring it, we are furious over the mountain of corruption that has been revealed within the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

They can put forward any manipulated poll they like, but Trump is going to win.

Even outspoken filmmaker and liberal Michael Moore understands this.

From Salon:

At a recent promotional event for his new film “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” Moore told audience members that he thinks the loudmouthed GOP nominee is going to win, largely because American elites are so cut off from regular people that they don’t realize just how much the middle class has been harmed in recent years.

“I know a lot of people in Michigan that are planning to vote for Trump, and they don’t necessarily agree with him,” the left-leaning documentarian said…

“Donald Trump came to the Detroit Economic Club and stood there in front of Ford Motor executives and said, ‘If you close these factories as you’re planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico, I’m going to put a 35 percent tariff on those cars when you send them back and nobody’s going to buy them.’ It was an amazing thing to see. No politician, Republican or Democrat, had ever said anything like that to these executives, and it was music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — the ‘Brexit states.’”

When someone as critical of conservatives like Moore says something like this, you better believe a change is in the wind. For decades the establishment has enjoyed a cozy, corrupt situation. Dishonest politicians and pampered “journalists” have gotten fat off of duping the public, while big businesses robbed us of jobs and opportunities.

They think that situation will continue, but it was always bound to end. Hillary Clinton represents the very worst of our society. Trump promises to clean up the corruption and bring opportunity and prosperity back to the USA.

So let the media rage and plot in vain. Come Election Day, they will see the light.

Source: Salon

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