WHOA! Mike Pence’s Korea Trip Takes A Shocking Turn That Has Kim Jong Un TERRIFIED

For Vice President Mike Pence, America’s military is a deeply personal issue. Mike Pence’s father fought bravely in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, earning a Bronze Star which Pence still proudly displays in his office.

The sacrifices of our soldiers in Korea have been overlooked in recent years in the wake of our other military entanglements worldwide.

But Mike Pence refuses to forget the unfinished battle that took place on the Korean peninsula, and the tyrant Kim Jong Un that still threatens the free world.

Instead of giving a speech or doing a news interview, Pence took the fight right to North Korea’s border with the South, and did something that is sure to have foreign policy analysts talking for weeks!

From Independent Journal Review:

Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise trip the Korean Demilitarized Zone on Monday, reportedly breaking his security plan in order to get a closer look at North Korean troops amid increased tensions in the region.

Wearing a leather bomber jacket, Pence ventured outside and appeared to stare daggers at Kim Jong-Un’s soldiers.

Pence’s jaw-dropping display of strength is the first of its kind at the DMZ. Most visitors to the spot are warned to not even so much as gesture at the soldiers on the North’s side, out of fear of unintentionally provoking the notoriously volatile nation.

The North Korean soldiers appeared to be slightly stunned by Pence’s presence. A few stared back at Pence, and some even took photos of him.

Pence’s intimidating stare comes after the news that North Korea will continue to test a new missile every week as part of its political theatre.

Keep it up North Korea. The eyes of Pence are upon you.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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