WHOA: Navy Seal Who Took Out Bin Laden…DESTROYS Hillary With 10 Words! – BOOM

One of the Navy Seals who took part in the operation to take out Osama bin Laden had some harsh words for the Democratic Party in general, and for Hillary Clinton in particular.

Robert O’Neill, who actually helped kill bin Laden, said during a Fox News interview on “Fox and Friends” earlier this week: Clinton shouldn’t be using that military operation as a way of gaining political steam in her race for the White House.

His exact words, as chronicled in Western Journalism: “She’s taking some credit and she’s raising money because of it. I don’t want to take away from the part she had, but we didn’t kill Osama bin Laden because of Hillary Clinton.”


The knock-down of Clinton was then shared on social media by Fox and Friends’ staffers.

Good point.

As Western Nournalism noted: That’s exactly what Clinton’s been doing.

The news site reported: “Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time bin Laden was killed, discussed the raid in speeches she gave for Goldman Sachs, according to emails leaked by WikiLeaks.”

And exactly what did she say during these speeches?

In 2013, in front of a Toronto business group, Clinton crowed: “I was in the samll group that recommended to the president that he go after bin Laden.”

And on the campaign trail most recently, she’s brought up the raid to show her foreign policy teeth and fight off charges from the Donald Trump camp that she’s weak when it comes to overseas’ matters.

O’Neill wants such political banter from the left to stop.

“As opposed to trying to raise capital for a campaign or get elected based on her national security because of the bin Laden raid,” he said, Western Journalism reported, “I would much rather see her … mention why we did it, or the pilots that brought us there or the analysts that found him.”

Source: Western Journalism

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